Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Looking for Teeth Whiteners? Try Apple and Apple Cider

apple and apple cider
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Our teeth change in color with time due to unhealthy lifestyle like smoking, aging also and because of the type of food we consume that causes stains to our teeth. If you want to have a star smile and get rid of the stains, apple will help you with it. Using apple or apple cider is one of the inexpensive and painless ways of scratching the stains.  The acid in the juice of an apple whitens the teeth and brightens your smile. Apple cider or the acid of the apple is a form of natural whitening for the teeth.

What you have to do is gargle an apple cider or apple vinegar for about one to two minutes with a good swish around your mouth.  Rinse after with water to take away the acid from the mouth. Definitely by doing that, there is a whitening effect on your teeth. The main cause is, the acid found in the apple or apple cider will actually eat away the stains of your teeth thus making it gleam. Once you rinse your mouth with water, you flush out the stains and replenish back the moisture and nutrients where the acid consumes the stain.  Thus eventually over a period of time it will definitely give you that nice bright star smile that you are aiming for to achieve.

With that, apple really has a whitening effect on the teeth. Gargling with apple vinegar for faster results is the easiest way of bleaching your teeth at home. By doing this more often, in the near time you will have the prettiest shining pearly white teeth that gives you a winning smile.

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