Thursday, November 12, 2009

Girl's talk: Favorite Drink and Chocolate

Hi , I was not able to join last week's topic on Girl's Talk as I was so busy last week that i forget to post my entry. For that I will be posting two favorites for this entry.


I am no less than a hot tea addict. I go for green teas, fruit teas and Oolong teas. The health benefits of teas are seemingly endless. Teas are powerful anti-oxidant. Aside from the delightful tea taste, you'll enjoy the benefits with every sip of it. I especially love green tea pods straightly boiled into perfection. I live by tea as water. In my office drawers, one of them is my drawer for my stock of tea bags, loose tea leafs, and some tea pods. I got my supply from authentic Tea seller in binondo, some others were presents from my ate in Australia and some were given by my brother in law fresh from Taiwan.

A cup of green tea a day will keep the sickness away..


No other else gives me the pure pleasure than the pleasure that CADBURY CHOCOLATES brought to me.

Learn more on other's favorites at Sis Niko's blog and enjoy Girl's Talk!


  1. Cadburry have so many flavors to choose can't go wrong with any of them! :)

  2. palaway jud ning chokolate ui! grrrrrr!

    te she, here's my fave..

  3. aw i envy u.. i want to embrace tea too but i just cant bear the taste :( sadly. haaay.

    cadburry girl here ha!! thanks for posting 2 GT entries today dear.. see u next week lets talk about our fave pastime naman.. see u ha!

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  4. can't resist cadburrys... oh so love it.

  5. i like this particular kind of cadbury choco, yum :)

    here's my GT

  6. wow..cadbury saaarapp!

    my fave chocs are here