Saturday, March 28, 2009

To The Boys Of My Life

Hearing from my mother that Aljodon and Al'jered both got awards and were recognized as "ACCELERATED" students made me really a proud mom. Thanks for the Lord's wisdom. He is the reality of our knowledge and wisdom gained.

Congratulations to both of you Kuya Gong and Kuya Cong. Though You are far from me, You will always be the best boys in my life.

To Gong and Cong

accomplishing what you set out to do
having fun with yourself and your friends
capable of loving and being loved
is what I always wished for you

Today I thought about your handsome face
and felt your excitement for life
and your genuine happiness
I was so proud as I realized
that my dreams for you have come true
What an extraordinary person you have become
and as you continue to grow
please remember always
how very much
I love you both
Mama Shelo


  1. happy mom with two son... they are twin?

  2. Mar, they are not twins.. One year gap only..=)

  3. para silang twin sis shelo. haha! how old are them?

  4. nag gwa-gwapo naman ng mga anak mo sis and i am sure you are a proud mom for having a wonderful sons.