Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome to My Real Garden

This is it. My new baby, my Real Garden and this is my first blog entry. You may ask why I came with a blog title like this. Before I created this blog I was considering a lot of options as what to be the title. I was thinking of something cute, something girlie and hip. But all of a sudden, I was inspired to create a blog that would speak a lot of sense. We need to be sensible these days, I perceive. I want a blog that would spawn inspirations, nice thoughts and useful ideas that would be handy as we would thread the road of life. Therefore I titled my Blog: Real Garden. A garden where I can sow real simple thoughts to make life easier.

Do not expect only cuties and simple rants and raves in this blog. This is still personal. Personal in the sense that I would share my personal thoughts and ideas on anything worthwhile in the vast horizon. I would just be spreading my wings to the distance to make my life insightful and shrewd.

Thank you for coming here. In the days to come, you are welcome to come again here where you are free to pick a thought and inspiration for your own to add spice over your lovely life. Enjoy!!!

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