Friday, March 13, 2009

Whatever Works for a busy Mom

Being a mom, I have experienced both as full-time homemaker and a relevant member of the workforce in the world. I have tried quitting my job and stayed and work only at home via online teaching.But I came to the point of realization that having a part-time work like that doesnt have to be forever for me. If I have a lot of students then I earn a lot per week. However the tides get low, there are just times that students are very few and there are cases that all drop off especially during school breaks thus would mean I wouldn't have any income at all. So I decided to return to the work force. Now I am a Move Manager of Crown.

However , there are also moms which are opposite to my thoughts. Whatever works for me may not work with you. But one thing for sure that I know, whether you want to work more or less, from being a freelancer, from money-making at home or back to an office, we can get our desired Job.

Let me share you some tactics and you may adopt them to get your ideal job a reality.

How To Be Back from a Home money-making Mom to an Office Mom:

Improve your skills and your circle of contacts. You can get opinions from old officemates, old friends. Get resources from them and know exactly what they can do to help. You can also enroll to short courses to improve skills. You might be out of the work population for a year, however, remember our society is fast-pacing today so everything may have changed.

Volunteer. Doing volunteer jobs on the type of work you's love to get into may also help you be prepared and be acquainted with the type of work specification you wanted to have. Some volunteer works may also eventually lead to being hired officialy and get you paid nicely.

Be clear on your choice. Ask yourself again if you want to work full-time or part time. Make a listing on your reasons and compare and weigh it. Know the advantages and disadvantages , the costs and all that may come with it.

Present yourself as a Proud professional. Do not ever say, "OH I was a fulltime mom" but rather say, " I am a Graphic designer"...

Be flexible. If you cannot get the job that you aimed, consider other jobs that may be acceptable for you also.

Be particular with the Kind of audience you have. Talking about taking care of children when you are on an interview for a job might not work for you especially if that prospective employer does not share your interest.

Interview Pointers:
Do say:" My career is very important for me , so I am in a market in joining the workforce again. I am flexible in the role that I might play in this organization."

Don't say: " I am bored at home and looking for work to do, but my kids are always my priority. Do you have any available work for me?"

The above maybe helpful to moms wanting to work again from staying home. However, many moms , especially most of us blogger moms quit the workforce and make money online as the best option in todays working world. Whatever is your situation as long as your money-making activity works for you and your family and you're happy with it , then it is okay. What matters still is we still have time for our children no matter how busy we are. Even we don't have to verbally say it, we work because of them. I myself do not agree when some say, we need to do our best for the company. I do my best for family. They are the reason why I am working now anyway.


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