Thursday, October 22, 2009

Girl's Talk: Favorite Dress

It's Thursday and Girl's Talk time again. I love this meme, as we got to share our girly girl spirit, kikayness and everything how vain a girl could be. Thanks to Nikogirl for hosting along.

So, this week's theme is FAVORITE DRESS. Hmmm, when it comes to dressing up , I am not as vain as the others maybe.. LOL.. Anything goes for me as long as I think that I don't look awful and feels comfy. Though anything goes with me, as sis Niko said, there would be something we would like to wear over and over again.

Well, I have one favorite but actually it's not literally a dress. It's a green t-shirt. I bought it so many years back. Since I have it, I have worn it nth times.. I can't even tell how many times. he he.. It's a simple cotton t-shirt with an embroidered cat design on it which has a beaded neck lace. This is my only favorite. I suppose it's because it brings back old sweet memories whenever I wear it. =)

Here it is..

Me wearing it with my daughter ..

What about you? What's your favorite get-up? Share it with us @ Girl's Talk!


  1. hahahah akala ko naligaw ako sis, tatlo pala yun blog mo hehehe.. iwan mo lahat ng urls mo para maad ko sa Nostalgic.. Follow ko na din to..

    Love the cat design! Cute naman ng photo nyo ng sweetheart mo hehehe..

  2. I love your green Tee,Mommy Shelo!!What a cutie daughter,too!!^_^

  3. Shelo, naku, basta favorite natin, kahit ano pa siya, ke dress, blousesthirt or what, lagi nating isusuot di ba?? I love your top, di lang ako pwede sa green, umiitim akong tingnan..

  4. nice tee, the color is cool to the eyes.

  5. wahhh i love green it so nature ang sarap sa mata

  6. that shirt seemed really have a very sweet memories that u keep on wearing it more often..cute :)

    lovely daughter, too.

  7. cool! i have lots of green.. that's so pretty.

  8. i am curious about that sweet memories..joke sis She...anywy, i love the design..ung embroidered cat na may beaded necklace....

    mine is here