Monday, October 19, 2009

Miracle Monday: He Saved Us from the Storm

In our day to day life, there are a lot of miracles that we need to be thankful of the Lord. There are times that we are so full of anxiousness , yet every minute the Lord has been working in ways we cannot see to bring forth His faithfulness to us. I thank the Lord, that I am able to join this wonderful meme , Miracle Monday, hosted by Beth of A Mom's Life.

I was inspired by the words of the author of this meme, yes it is true , we might be thinking that we don't have a miracle to write each week, but if we stop and really think about it, we do. Our miracles doesn't have to be those like of the book of Matthew or having the blind man receive sight, or having a lame being able to walk. Those are not the only Miracle that God has done for us.

My First Miracle Monday:

For my first entry, I would like to thank the Lord, for saving our family from the recent calamity that has damaged the lives of my fellow countrymen, leaving them homeless. Our country, Philippines has been devastated recently with typhoons which cause huge flooding among the lands of Luzon and most parts of the National Capital Regions. I remembered it too well, it was on September 26, 2009. My husband wasn't able to come home as he was trapped somewhere else. He did not make it home as the flood was neck level or even deeper.

That was the first time in forty years that it heavily rained continuously for more than 24hours that has caused rivers and dams to overflow and flooded Metro Manila. The Lord knew that it will happen and prepared our family for that. Two months before that day, we still have not lived in our place today. We have just moved here so recently. It was an instant decision. All of a sudden we found the place small for us and not good anymore so we looked for another one. Besides, I noticed that the place recently is easily flooded when it rains.

I praise the Lord for the inner leading. If we have not move, we could have been flooded. I knew from our old neighbor that water level inside the house was near the breast level. Our home could have been devastated. It would have been so risky for me. I am pregnant and nearing my due date, it could have lead me to early birthing. But thank the Lord, He has led us to move away and keep us safe during the storm. Our new place was safe. It is on the elevated area thus water did not stay but just continued to flow downwards , saving our neighborhood from the pitiful condition.

My heart is torn whenever I see on news how others lost their living, their love ones and their homes. I cannot help but fall into tears and feeling a lot of surging emotion towards them. I just thank the Lord that He has saved us. I can say that it has been one of the miracles the Lord hath performed on us.

I have faith in Him. If we turn to Him , He would keep the storm from hitting your home as He did in Galilee.
I only pray that my fellow countrymen will not lose hope. Our God is our hope. If we only trust in Him, He will do the rest for us. If we remember in the times of Noah, after the flood , He has sent A Rainbow, a promise for a new day, a new life..

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