Thursday, October 29, 2009

Girl's Talk: Accessories

Girls Talk time! Another Thursday, another vain glories for girl's day. Our theme for today is all about favorite accessories. Join us at Niko's Girls Rule blog and talk about all the kikayness under the sun.

Favorite accessories, hmm when it comes to adorning myself, I have a lot of accessories actually that runs from: obviously oversize stoned necklaces, bracelets, dangling earrings and rings and fashion watches. I love to collect them. I am fond of buying such tinkers and trinkets whenever I pass by some accessory shops at Binondo, Divisoria, Baclaran and in malls. Note, I am not into expensive ones. I just go for cute stuffs that are not over priced. However, I only wear the showy ones whenever I feel like wearing it. All I wear everyday are my favorite white earrings , my wristwatch and my wedding ring and some bracelet that goes with my outfit for the day.

Here are some pics of me wearing accessories:

The earing is my favorite pearl pieces and the necklace was given by my ate..

The necklace is actually my ID lace..
The big dangle earring was given by my ate..
Love this ring.. and the wristwatch is my everyday wear..

Love the green stuff bracelet..that earring is my everyday piece..Love that blue earring.. I love the color blue too..
These purple stuff look cute, I thought so..

You see my stuffs are not expensive at all. I just love to collect whatever pleases my eye.. Those are just some. I just forget to take photos of my collections.


  1. Very functional and pretty accessories you got there. :)

    My Girls Talk! entry is here.

  2. Wow sis model na model ang dating natin ah hehehe.. Love your poses and your blings as well..

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  3. Good for you. I wish I can collect more stuff like that.and yes, the purple one is nice.

  4. yes, i agree..ang cute ng purple set mo sis at ung set of blue...lalo na yang blue ring...

  5. i love your collection too sis! ^_^ i soooo like your blue ring that matches with your blue necklace ^_^

  6. so nice girl, I love to buy those too pero I really don't like my taste so I just store it in the boxes and wont wear it at all, so what I really have now and im always wearing it is my wedding ring and engagement then watch too, heres mine I hope u can take a peek thanks

  7. pang model ah! heheh thanks for visiting my post too. Anyway, love your long necklaces...

  8. sadness i cant see all the pics!! :( waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    u know what, gusto ko rin ng accessories na di mahal.. when u wear something expensive in public here in pinas u will not be at peace.. hahaha

    but anyways thanks for joining girl.. see u agian next week ha.. fave drinks naman tau!

  9. oh my...gorgeous...pwede makihiram sis...sobra dami eh....

    thanks for check'n mine...till next week!

  10. you're so fashionable! I love all your accesories here!

  11. I love the set of blue the most 'though I love your choice of accessories not so typical.
    Happy Halloween Mommy!