Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Couch Potato: Zapped!

It's Tuesday once again and time for anything Magical... It's our October 27th edition on Tuesday Couch Potato. I love this edition as I am also fond of anything with magical spells that works for happy endings.


I don't know if you are familiar with this movie, but this is a very old one but one that I can't forget. Have watched it when I was in 3rd grade way back 1986. However this movie was produced back 1982. Imagine how old that was. LOL..

But mind you, it's an A+ Comedy That Makes the Grade! A comedy actually with the magic of two young people falling in love..

The movie was about a high school whiz kid who accidentally gains telekinetic powers. Barney uses his newly acquired talent to gain control over bullies, win baseball games, roulette, and of course, to win the affections of beautiful girls--including gorgeous Jane Mitchell!

It's a decent-enough comedy. For the most part, you should watch it if you're interested in getting a feel for what the Reagan-era 1980s were like.

The prom scene's the best with Got to Believe in Magic soundtrack which makes the film worth viewing. I remember the " kilig" moments whenever I thought of it. Gee.. I must have fallen in love with Scott Baio.. Ha ha.. Just imagine I would rewind the "Betamax" (it was betamax tape) again and again so I could watch it over and over.. It is just a fun romp into a fantasy that we all probably had when we were in high school, to have some sort of "special power" that made us different from everyone else. I say if you just want to forget today's world just pop in this movie and relax for 1hr 38min!

The Trailer...

and the cool soundtrack....

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  1. i remember this movie! loved the songs too :D

  2. wow! this i've got to see. i love the song "got to believe in magic" and the preview that you have posted got me all curious. love your review too she! i just wish our video shop has it.

    thanks for joining this week for tcp! next week, drama films tayo. hugs and happy tcp!

    p.s. love the new layout. very cool tingnan. green is one of my faves!

  3. i remember this movie too. we all loved Scott. Me and my twin had a big crush on him too.

  4. I got this Got to believe in magic vid in my youtube fave box. But I don't think I have seen Zapped. I'll watch it if I got time.

  5. Pareho pala tayo ng choice for this week Mommy.I did really love this movie so much & I even fell in love w/ Scot Baio during my high school days talagang nakakakilig specially the theme songs King & Queen Of Hearts & Got To Bleieve in Magic.:D